Satellite Communication and Navigation
Only with high quality service can we obtain customers, so we focus on the industry equipment + service to provide a good customer experience.
The access mode provided by Hairun not only reduces the cost of investment and application, but also ensures the speed and quality of data transmission.
In order to make full use of modern information technology, Hairun provides efficient business facsimile system by integrating technical services.
Hairun installs and debugs wireless video transmission system to provide real-time video transmission based on satellite mobile communication network.
The use of Hairun satellite communications equipment roaming broadband Internet access, international and domestic transmission rate is high, enjoy intimate service.
Our advantages
Providing technical services for the whole process
Professional service team
Transfer data with higher rates
Low charge and saving more cost.
Communication Navigation Application
Video Surveillance
Realtime images are directly sent back to the company, which can easily realize remote maintenance, medical treatment and monitoring, so as to ensure the safety of navigation at sea.
Video Conference
To interconnect the ocean ships with land company, to hold video conferences at any time and anywhere, to deploy operation work, and to strengthen the ship/shore links.
Internet Access
To connect the ship into the Internet, the crew can accomplish their daily work through the Internet, browse various websites, easily interact with their friends, and enrich their spare time life.
Satellite IP Telephone
Save your maritime satellite telephone charges, easily realize the phone calls, faxes and mail transmission with low rates.


Wide coverage
Fast data transmission
Safe and reliable
Low communication rates