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Establishment of Tianjin Blue Shield
time: 2019-05-15 16:35    click: 

After preparation of nearly two months, Tianjin Blue Shield Safety Service Company Limited (Hereafter as Tianjin Blue Shield), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Hairun, had moved into its new office and workshop in the mid of this month, and begins to business operation.

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Hairun, with the registered capital of 3,000,000 RMB, the main business scope of Tianjin Blue Shield is the inspection of shipboard lifesaving and firefighting equipment, the marine technical consultant, as well as the sale, repairing, checking, testing and installation of firefighting and lifesaving equipment, safety valves and meters.

The establishment of Tianjin Blue Shield has improved the degree of business segmentation and professional operation, which reflects the development strategy of Tianjin Hairun. With the steady support and assistant from brother companies of Tianjin Hairun, Tianjin Blue Shield will certainly achieve excellent business performance, which will make extraordinary contribution to the business performance of Tianjin Hairun.